12 week program ‘Follow your Feet’

This program has an individual version and a group version. And before you panic since ‘a group is simply not your thing‘, let me tell you it probably is. We all have this idea we’re unique in our problems and just mediocre in our abilities. A group will prove you wrong on that. On both sides. Let’s have a look first who this program is for.

Are you a woman in between 20 and 50 and …

  • do you wonder whether ‘this is it’?
  • are you a little stuck sometimes
  • is your job ‘ok’, but not much more than that
  • is your energy level quite low (you might even go towards a burnout)
  • would you discribe yourself as a perfectionist and/or very empathic (like a people pleaser) 
  • do you miss a clear passion or purpose in life
  • maybe that gives you the feeling there is something wrong with you and you’re not particularly good at anything
  • do you feel sometimes like you don’t belong somewhere
  • you procrastinate quite often
  • making a choice is rather difficult for you
  • you’re not in a relationship or your relationship is not really what it should be

Do you recognize certain things? Then maybe this program is for you! Let’s have a look whether you and I are a good match…

A group program which is also individual…?

It’s really a combination of both. Certain things will be in group and others will be simply you and I. Why? Because we all have our own story and obviously you don’t necessarily want to share everything with everyone. Then why the group part?

There are two reasons for. First of all I noticed that the same things kept on coming up in different conversations with different people. Mostly since we work with workbooks and a certain theme every week. So I figured it would be an option to discuss these things in a group.

A second reason are the obvious benefits from working with a group. There’s extra support in a way I couldn’t provide. There’s recognition and normalization of things. There’s other people asking questions you also benefit from. Just to name a few…


How does that look like?

First of all there will be a weekly online moment where I’ll go deeper into the topic of that particular week. You can sent questions in advance or ask them straight away. I might give extra exercises, throw some questions in the group, etc. You never have to speak up, but you always can. I’ll guard the time and make sure everyone who wants gets a moment.

Secondly there are 6 individual calls. One every other week. You can choose yourself when, while the group calls are on a fixed moment. We start with making a coaching plan and set a goal and go step by step from there on.

An intensive individual program


In the individual option, we can definitely dive deep!

The program lasts 12 weeks and so there are 12 individual calls of 50 minutes. Just as in the group program, these conversations are online. So you don’t have to move or go anywhere, you simply log in from your own couch. The only thing you need is a stable internet connection. A laptop is ideal, but even a phone or a tablet works.



How does that look like?

We start with a welcome package which we’ll use to draft a coaching plan and set a (or some) goals. Where do you want to be in 12 weeks and how are we going to get there? What do you need from me? What kind of coach do you want me to be? In the end we’ll see where you got and I’ll help you drawing out an action plan to move on with on your own.

You will use the weekly workbooks to prepare for our sessions. Let’s see them as a guideline. This way our conversations will be more structured, although there will always be time for whatever comes up.

You can schedule the calls yourself via an online agenda system so they fit you best.

And what does that bring you?

Well, something like this: 

  • you’ll know yourself better, understand your behavior, thoughts, emotions etc. better
  • you’ll have more knowledge about how our brain works, how we can deal with fear, change our mindset etc.
  • no more ‘Is this it?’ questions anymore
  • no longer simply do whatever is expected from you, but much more what you really want to do (and of course that means you also know what it is that you want!)
  • more self-confidence
  • a more positive mindset
  • be better at saying ‘no’ and hold on to your own boundaries
  • your perfectionism and/or empatic personality will be more positive tools instead of things that hold you back
  • feeling in control (again)
  • feel a clear direction for yourself
  • have a clear action plan

In other words, we’re going to follow our feet

For whom?

  • You recognize yourself in the description on the top of this page
  • You’ve got enough energie to put effort into it
  • You think personal growth is important
  • You’re a go getter and you don’t easily give up
  • You take responsability for what you do (and for what you don’t do)
  • You’re willing to enlarge your comfort zone
  • You understand you’ll have to work to change things
  • You’re mostly positive or you want to get more positive and you’re willing to look at things from a different point of view

The advantage of a group program

  • You can help each other in a way a coach or a therapist can’t
  • You learn from each other
  • It strenghtens your motivation because others are doing the same excercises and work as you are
  • It can inspire you to do things a different way or to try something new

What’s in it?

  • A weekly module on a certain topic with practical exercises
  • You work on these workbooks and exercises by yourself
  • A weekly online group call (2 hours), where we go deeper into the subject of that week
  • 6 individual calls of 30 minutes
  • An online platform with tips and tricks and the possibility to motivate each other, ask questions, etc.
  • There’s a membership site where you’ll find all the modules, the weekly group calls (so you can watch later when you missed one) and lots of bonusses
  • During 12 weeks there’s also permanent support through email

The advantage of an individual program

  • You’ve got twice as much 1 on 1 calls and they are also twice as long, so we can dive deeper in your personal story 
  • Therefore it’s also easier sometimes to set steps or change things quicker
  • It’s easier and faster to built up a client-coach relationship which will help you getting inspirated and motivated
  • You can start the program whenever it suits you

What’s in it?

  • A weekly module on a certain topic with practical exercises
  • You work on these workbooks and exercises by yourself
  • A weekly online 1 on 1 call (50 minutes), where we go deeper into the subject of that specific week
  • An online platform with tips and tricks and the possibility to ask questions, etc.
  • There’s a membership site where you’ll find all the modules and lots of bonusses
  • During 12 weeks there’s also permanent support through email

Practical information

How does this work? Well, if all of this sounds interesting or intriguing to you, you can book a free call to see whether you and I are a good match. You can ask me all the questions you still have and I’ll tell you if you fit into the program. To help us here I made a little questionnaire for you to fill out. You’ll see as soon as you book a free call.

I use the program ‘Zoom’ for all calls (individual and group calls) . It’s a little similar to Skype. You don’t need to become a member or buy the program or anyhting like that. I’ll simply sent you a link and all you have to do is follow that link. You don’t need anything special only stable internet. The easiest is to use your computer, but even a phone or a tablet will do too.

Every group call will have a certain topic. You can sent in questions in advance, which can slightly change the content of that call. Obviously you can also ask questions during the call.

You choose how active you are and you don’t have to say or do anything. On my end, I’ll make sure everyone who wants to gets his or her turn. On your screen you’ll see little screens of everyone on the call. You don’t have to put your camera on, although it is always nice to see everyone. But you choose and you create the kind of program that fits you.

If you might need more 1 on 1 calls, than you can always book one (or more) extra. Here you’ll pay the standard price of 60€/50 min. 


You can start the individual program whenever you want. To know when the next group will start you best follow the Facebook page or you can subscribe to the newsletter. Of course you can always sent me a message to get to know more.

* All three programs are 12 weeks (around 3 months) and you can pay on a monthly base. When you choose to pay in one go in the beginning of the program, you get a discount of 150€ (individual – 12 sessions) or 100€ (de other two options).

What do you think? Ready to jump?

The only thing you need to do, is book a free call. And if you look at it that way, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. If it feels a good match we can start right away (individual program). Through this link you can book a call on a moment that fits your agenda.

Content and themes 12 weeks:

  • First 4 weeks:  Getting a better understanding in our behaviour and our thoughts. Why did we get stuck? Why is change so hard? How do I handle fear? How does our brain work and what does that tell us?
  • Week 5 & 6: Here our focus points towards energy. First we’ll have a look at your energy leaks and afterwords at your specific sources. We also learn how to maximise those. 
  • Week 7 & 8 : This is where we recreate who you are and what is important for you. What makes you unique? What characterises you? How do you look at succes and failure?
  • Week 9-12: To end with we write a kind of personal manifesto which will be our compass on the road ahead. We translate this into an action plan so you can get right to it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does that actually work a program fully online?

I do understand your doubts here. It does sound a bit weird as well, doesn’t it? I mean there’s a lot of ‘crap’ on the internet and isn’t face to face always better?

I hear you. There are always pro’s and con’s. And obviously face to face has a lot of pro’s. But so does online. There is a lot of flexibility, also much easier to do a last minute call, so really when you need it. You don’t need to go anywhere and so no traffic jams or stress to be too late either. You can have a call from anywhere so even when you’re on holiday for instance. No need to postpone anything. And you can be totally at ease since you’re in familia surroundings. 

Out of my experience I can assure you 99% of the people I’ve worked with (even after having doubts in the beginning) are actually satisfied and like it. You can see each other, hear each other, there can be emotions and the conversations are as real and deep as they would have been face to face.

If you really have your doubts, book a free call and put it in the questionnaire. That way we can already do a proper video call instead of an audio only call and you can experience it right away!

How do I know if this program is for me?

If you made it this far down, it probably is! I understand if you still have doubts. Simply book a free call with me and we’ll see whether it’s a good match. I promise you I’ll tell you as well when I think you don’t fit the profile. Since that’s one of the things I’m strict about. I don’t want as many clients as possible, I want those clients who are a good match with me and my program. And I am well aware some people are simply better off with someone else or another kind of coaching.

How much time will it take?

Good question!

When you go for the group program there’s the weekly group session of two hours. Then the weekly workbook to read through and fill in. That’s at least another two hours, probably longer. You’ve got an individual call every two weeks of half an hour. Next to that it’s more than anything else a program that requires action. That means you’ll be exercising and doing things as well. These exercises aren’t always time consuming and sometimes they even safe you time, but nevertheless it means action.

For the individual program it’s a weekly 1 on 1 call of 50 minutes. There are no group calls, so it’s a little less time consuming although sometimes it means more work on the workbook.

In any case, take into account it’ll be quite time consuming sometimes.

Can I be sure I'll get results?

This program has already proven to transform people into a better version of themselves. I designed it based on my own experience and my background as a psychologist and therapist. Your success, however, also depends on your determination, perseverance and commitment.

A group program is not my cup of tea, since I don't like to share stuff with a bunch of people. So I guess this is not for me?

Chances are this program is exactly what you need in that case! Why? Well first of all you don’t have to share or do anything you do not want to. Secondly you’ll see it has its benefits to be in a group. It’s a way to enlarge your comfort zone. A way to exercise with people where you’ve got nothing to lose (or gain). You’ll see it’ll be very helpful to have this group as a try out platform with some exercises. You’ll also get input of other people as well and sometimes they’ll ask a question you didn’t even think of or didn’t dare to ask. A plus as well. And for sure you’ll notice you’re not that unique when it comes to your problems. We all know them! Even if they look a bit different for all of us.

If your fears or doubts are this high, you can always go for the individual program!


How do I pay and is there a payment plan?

There sure is. Either you pay in full or you make 3 monthly payments. Just book a free call with me and we can discuss this as well.


Payment is done via PayPal or through a money transfer with your credit card.

What is a free call?

Well, since there are so many coaches, therapists, psychologists out there, it’s simply hard to know who would be a good fit for you, right?

So I decided to open up a few spaces in my agenda for this cause. That way we can connect and both feel whether it would be a match. I say both, since I don’t work with just anyone. Simply because I know I can’t. No one can. I truly believe in the right connection and the rest will follow automatically. 😉

If you think this might be something for you, simply book a call!

More Questions?

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime!

P.S.: Don’t wait to long to book your free call. Spots are limited, for the free calls as well for the groups.