Rediscover yourself after a burnout

Banish your burnout is the go-to program for anyone who’s drained and burned out, but also for everyone heading towards a burnout or feeling it’s time to shake things up and get back to more energy and motivation.

  • Have you given all you have and all you are?
  • Are you low on energy, just going though the days doing what’s expected of you?
  • Are things (in your job) not entirely the way you want them to be?
  • Do you want things to change, yet you have now idea how or to what?

Then Banish your Burnout might be the program for you! It is designed to help you get back to YOU. Away from expectations (of your surroundings, society, the world and yourself) and back to what you really want (although you might have no idea what that might be at this point!).

Dear Sister (or brother),

Do people really know you? Do you really know yourself? Are you in the job that makes you happy? Is your relationship doing the trick? Are your days filled with pleasant things and energy?

Probably not, since you’re here… Well, at least I know, it can easily go back to that. You are worthy of a life full of whatever it is you want. And you have the potential to get there.

The only thing you need to do is learn how to align yourself back with who you truly are and not with the rest of the world. Easier said than done in a FB-era, I know…

Life is tough, right?

I don’t know your personal story (yet), but I do know you’ve been struggling. You’ve lost yourself piece by piece and chances are, you didn’t even notice.

One day you ended up here. Being stuck in a daily routine you don’t enjoy anymore. But it’s not clear to you how to get out of there.

For sure not since you have no idea what it is that you really want. Should you give up your job? But then what? Should you stop that relationship? Being alone doesn’t particularly sound inspiring. Regardless of what you’re stuggling with, I know this:

You want to:

  • Feel energetic again
  • Get back to YOURSELF and what you want and (secretly) dream of
  • Let go of expectations (from outside AND inside) and follow YOUR own heart
  • Let go of your irrational feelings of guilt
  • Make decisions without worrying
  • Stop postponing and procrastinating
  • Get back in touch with YOU, find your passions (again) and create YOUR sense of purpose
  • Surround yourself with people who care about YOU and energize you
  • Find a partner, who stands beside YOU and takes care of you so there’s a balance and connection

Just imagine… you’d be totally, entirely, unapologetically YOU without compromises, guilt or expectations. You’d be doing what you love and feeling more fulfilled than ever. 

The problem is you’re stuck in this daily routine and in expectations coming from everywhere.

  • You (try to) live up to other people’s expectations, but you let yourself down.
  • You feel bad about yourself or even guilty, even when there’s no reason for that at all..
  • You feel tired and burned-out.
  • You might feel alone and you’re carrying the world on your shoulders.
  • And you don’t see a way out…


It’s time to let YOU shine and be energetic again! Time to get the world of your shoulders and put it at your feet!

A friend told me about Sofie and this program and since I already felt quite ’empty’ and without any energy for a while, I decided to give it a try. Sofie is very open and authentic. I felt very connected with her basically from the first conversation we had. The program is very hands-on what I truly like. You get exercises and questions, check in with Sofie on a weekly basis and so there is change and progress from the very start. It isn’t always easy and there were times I felt stuck, but since you have so many options to reach out and connect, it never took me too long to get back on track. There is basically only one thing I regret and that is I didn’t start this earlier! Tine Vandenbrouck

Don’t worry! Take a deep breath and shake off that drained feeling.  Things CAN change!  Promise! Before you know it, you’ll be back on track and bursting with energy.

I’ll make it my personal mission to get you in balance in all aspects of your life. 

Why? Because I know what you’re going through. That was me several years ago.

  • I was going to work, not hating it, but also not loving it. I was good at what I did, but I felt less and less satisfaction. When I got home after a workingday I prepared dinner, ate in front of the tv and was permanently dissapointed in myself for doing that. Yet I kept on doing it.
  • My relationship wasn’t really going anywhere, but still I stayed in it. I did honestly love him and it wasn’t a bad relationship, just not what I ideally wanted it to be. ‘The future would tell!‘, I told myself. The future didn’t tell however…
  • A lot of things I did without thinking about it. Going to a certain party, a baby shower, family obligations and so on. Things I was expected to do. So I did them. And when I skipped a certain event I was supposed to be because I was tired or I didn’t feel like it, I felt guilty afterwards.
  • I felt tired all the time. I was glad when the weekend was there, yet I didn’t get a lot out of it and before I knew it, Monday was there again…
  • Tasks and to do’s where so often postponed and procrastination was a daily fight that I mostly lost.
  • When there were things to decide, it would take me ages. Sometimes I didn’t decide until circumstances decided for me. 

And on top of that,  the world stopped turning when I lost my brother. Litterally. He has been missing for years now.  It changed me to the core of my being and made me question what the hell I was doing with my life. 

So, there I was: thirty-something feeling like a failure. Struggling, having no energy, unhappy with my job, my relationships, my life, me… 

They say to change things drastically, you either need desperation or inspiration. The sad truth of not knowing where my brother was and what had happened to him, definitely gave me desperation. If life can stop in a blink of an eye, I’m not going to waste any more of it.

I had tried a lot before. Changed jobs, houses, relationships, but still didn’t feel fulfilled. Inspiration helped me every once in a while, but never got me where I wanted to be. To be honest, I didn’t even know where that was…

But desperation however helped me to take a terrifying leap of faith and to my surprice things all of a sudden started to make sense. Only by making the decission, so even before I actually started doing or changing anything. Besides my mindset that is!

My story made me travel the world and quit my job. It made me recreate myself into a better version. Sofie 2.0. And I liked it. For the first time since ages I felt I could truly breath again and I saw possibilities where I only saw expectations and ‘have to’s’ before. I got back in touch with my core being and discovered there were pieces of me I had no idea of. And as a bonus I found the love of my life somewhere along the road. My road.

So today I am exactly where I want to be, doing what I want to do and being who I want to be. No expectations, only intentions!

I want YOU to get there, too. Why? Because I made it my personal goal to help others like me to get there too. I promise you, being 100% YOU feels amazing! 

Most people will try the DIY route (like I did at first). They’ll search and try things because they believe, they have to be able to do it themselves. In the end, however, they stop believing in solutions AND in themselves. So, they pack their dreams away instead of their jobs or relationships or whatever it is that is holding them back.

Most of the time, it’s their mindset that gets in their way. They tell themselves things like:

I can’t quit my job. I have to pay off this loan.

It’s not the right time.”

I have to save money or have more energy or… before I can do this.

“It’s just not for me…”

These mindsets keep us “safe” but safe won’t get you where you truly want to go.

So, where do you want to go?

I don’t want you to feel lost trying to live up to expectations. You shouldn’t settle for mediocrity or any less than you deserve! I want you to start living life on your terms and that is why I designed the Banish your Burnout program.

I’ll show you  how to:

  • get out of this  burnout.
  • decide what is for you and what isn’t.
  • get rid of expectations and guilt
  • get back to who you really are, to your dreams and passions, your mission and purpose
  • get in touch with your personal borders and limits and act accordingly
  • balance those relationships
  • and a bonus: also romatic relationships will start to make sense again (of course men never will…)

The milestones of this 12 week-program Banish your Burnout.

 Creating Aha’s

Why me? Why did I get a burnout? We’ll have a look at your specific story and why it’s probably not that strange you were struck down by a burnout, since you have qualities that are underrated and not always seen by people around you and our society. We’ll zoom in on the power of expectations, our (limiting) beliefs and the power and impact of today’s society on us.

 Creating energy

We’ll focus on two things here. First of all we’ll find out what your energy-blockers or energy-leaks are, so we can eliminate them. Next it’s as important to figure out what gives you even more energy. And don’t worry, if your job is an energy-leak, it doesn’t mean you have to quit immediatly, there’s much more things we can do to close up the leak!

 Creating Why’s

How come it’s so damn difficult to change anything in  life? How come New Year’s resolutions almost never make it through January? And what does this have to do with burnout? We’ll have a look at motivational psychology, our mindset, our fears and our comfort zone.

 Creating an Upgrade Version of You, Resistant to Burnout

With all the things we’ve done so far, we’ll change your mindset in such a way, your sense of self will lift you up instead of keep you down. We’ll target your personal boundaries and arm you with strategies to face stressful situations in the future.

 Creating Momentum & a Plan

To end with we’ll craft and define succes and happiness for you personally and built up a plan to go with and to maximize your immunity to a future burnout and much more!

P.S. You’re here to change for real, not to simply learn the theory behind all this, right? So the whole program  is designed to be practical and  get you to do things and change things from the very first week!

How does it work? What do you get?

Banish your Burnout includes:

  • Modules and Lessons:
    • There will be a welcome packet, so you can get started right away.
    • Every week there’s a new lesson availbale for you, to guide you step-by-step.
    • With that you’ll get a PDF full of exercises for you to fill in and work on each week.
    • You’ll get a reading list of books that will help you during the program and further on in your life.
  • Personalised Support:
    • Every week you’ll get a 45-minute one-on-one session with me. The PDF will be your guidance and preparation for this  session.
  • Group Accountability and Support: -new!-
    • You’ll be connected to others in a private Facebook forum and have additional access to me.
    • That’s where you’ll also find useful tips and tricks to stay motivated.
  • You also get:
    • Lifetime access to all the material.

And that’s not all. On top of that you’ll receive these amazing bonuses!

  • BONUS 1: You’ll get exclusive email access to me during the week for 12 weeks to check in whenever you have a question or you need some feedback or help in between session. (Value $1200)
  • BONUS 2: You’ll get an extra one-on-one (45 min) that you can use whenever it fits you during the program. (Value $400)
  • BONUS 3: You’ll receive a hands-on PDF-guidebook full of tips and templates that I use. (Value $250)
  • BONUS 4: Since I am also a certified therapist and clinical psychologist, you’ll get much more than a coach only. I don’t sell single sessions, only to clients in one of my programs. So I’ve got you covered when something comes up and you might need extra support. (Value: priceless!)

When you apply for Banish your Burnout you’ll get a one-on-one call with me to discuss your challenges and goals. You can ask all the questions you have relating to the program. If we feel it’s a good fit, I’ll invite you to become a member and we can start immediately. You’ll get the welcome package and we’ll book your first session as soon the payment is made. You’ll also be added to the Facebook Group.

What makes this program different?

I understand you being cautious or even scared. Not only because that’s what we’ve been tought and because it’s all unknown, but also because there are so many programs and coaches to choose from. So why going for this one?

  • I have the right background to assure you that everything I do is well-funded and documented.  I’m a certified clinical and sport psychologist and a certified contextual therapist.
  • Therefore I’m also focused on your surroundings and how they affect you. Lot’s of these programs promise you heaven and beyond when you simply follow the steps, but they don’t take into account that there is a world outside of ourselves that makes certain decisions and steps even harder to make than they already are. 
  • It’s a practical and hands on program meaning that you’ll have to get to work. But unlike a lot of other programs you won’t have to do it on your own. I’ll be there the entire time to coach you through it. No ‘do-it-yourself-package’ but a real value coaching course.
  • My background also will help when things get rough or your problems go beyond coaching. Basically, I can take it a step further if needed and so you can be sure you are in good hands.

And finally, the key ingredient to that question is very simple: you just follow your gut. See if there ‘s a good match, because that is the most important factor of all! From my side, I can tell you I do the same. Only when there’s a good match I’ll invite people to my program. When you apply for a free call to discuss your challenges and goals and see whether we are a good match, you’ll know it right away.

When you enroll in Banish your Burnout, I guarantee these 12 weeks will change your life forever. Not only in an intellectual way but in a hands-on way, too.  You’ll  gain energy again and clarity so you’ll be able to make major changes while you’re in the program. You’ll be a new and better version of yourself, ready to banish any burnout coming your way!
Banish your Burnout is for you if you:

  • Are ready to get out of that burnout or ready to change something in your life
  • Value personal growth
  • Struggled on your own and are ready to get some help and guidance
  • Are a go-getter and are willing to complete the 12 weeks
  • Are ready to take responsibility and say goodbye to your comfort zone (you can stay at the edge, promise!)
  • Are coachable and understand you’ll have to work and change things to get different results

This program isn’t for you (or you simply aren’t ready yet) if you:

  • Aren’t willing to change things
  • Prefer to do things on your own and/or your way
  • Believe that understanding a concept intellectually is enough
  • Aren’t willing to leave your comfort zone behind and do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true
  • Don’t want to take responsibility for things that aren’t working out the way you want them to

It’s up to you!

You can keep trying to do it all alone and…

  • Lose more and more energy until you have nothing left
  • Lose yourself entirely until you don’t know what you like, want, feel, or desire anymore
  • Believe one day you’ll experience a miracle and all your problems will be solved
  • Wonder how it would be if someone was supporting you…

Or you can end your solo struggle and energy loss and sign up for Banish your Burnout, where I’ll guide you to a life of energy, balance and fulfillment in every area of your life. I know what it is like to do it on your own. It’s damn hard and pretty lonely sometimes. So why not team up and give yourself an upgrade?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this program is for me?
If you made it this far down, it probably is! I understand if you still have doubts. Simply book a free call with me and we’ll see whether it’s a good match.
Can I be sure I'll get results?
My program is already proven to transform people into a better version of themselves. I designed it based on my own experience and my background as a psychologist and therapist. Your success, however, also depends on your determination, perseverance and commitment.
What does 'being committed' means?
You’ll have to spent at least three hours a week, probably more. There is a weekly lesson for you to go through and a 45-minute weekly session with me.
How do I pay and is there a payment plan?
There sure is. Either you pay in full or you make 3 monthly payments. Just book a free call with me and we can discuss this as well. Payment is done via PayPal or through a money transfer with your credit card.
What is a free call?
Well, since there are so many coaches, therapists, psychologists out there, it’s simply hard to know who would be a good fit for you, right?

So I decided to open up a few spaces in my agenda for this cause. That way we can get in connect and both feel whether it would be a match. I say both, since I don’t work with just anyone. Simply because I know I can’t. No one can. I truly believe in the right connection and the rest will follow!

If you think this might be something for you, simply book a call!

More Questions?

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime!

P.S.: Don’t wait to book your free call. Spots are limited. So, click on the link now to take the first step towards Banishing your Burnout!